Why have I created this blog?

Hi all 🙂

As the name of the blog suggests, I have a love of literature.

An author writes literature to promote a message. They want their readers to consider, challenge and often criticise the world around them, the messages society entrenches in their brains, the ones we all are subject to – sometimes without realising it. Should women have an identity unrelated to a domestic setting? Can children have a voice in the murky world of politics? Do we all have a right to dream, and how far does that right extend when we are striving to achieve it?

These are just some of the questions that various forms of literature have tackled over the centuries, some as yet unanswered. However, mere pieces of paper ordered together to create a ‘story’ cannot themselves solve the complex issues our society (and those of the past) is faced with.

The importance placed on literature is due to its power to create a thought. 

Just a simple thought.

This thought can raise questions in your own mind. It can evolve into an idea. It can spread among your peers, colleagues, friends, family… It can form a movement, challenge the foundations of the society you live in, call to question the leaders of society and sometimes, it can create change.

More often than not of course, it doesn’t. It just remains a thought, sometimes even a feeling, and stays locked within the enigma of our brains, eventually forgotten or bypassed by some other, more pertinent emotion.

But. That ability, that power to create a thought – whether about the injustice of the colonial system or the intricacies of human nature – is what draws us to literature, to the books, plays and poems that force us to reflect on the world we live in, or even perhaps on the very lives we lead.

Perhaps literature is only actually useful as a means of escapism. Perhaps it is merely a form of entertainment for both the reader and writer. Perhaps. Perhaps not.

This blog will be dedicated to the reviewing and analysing of all types and genres of literature that the world has to offer: from 20th Century American Literature to Victorian Gothic Poetry to Elizabethan Drama. The reviews may recommend you a book you’ve heard of, but never quite been sure whether to read. They may open you up to a whole new kind of writing that you love, or hate.

They may even create a thought.



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